Abolish Freedom of Ignorance. Er, Religion.

Armory of the Revolution


Most people would agree that other people’s religions are belief systems based on fantasy and myth.

Curiously, those same people are convinced their own religion is in service to the true, actual, only, legitimate god. In actuality, people’s assessments of other people’s religions are much more accurate than their analysis of their own.

All religions are based upon myth, superstition, and tradition.

The “faith” required to buy into a religion is belief unsupported by fact or logic. “Faith” means believing something without any rational basis for doing so.

Many critics dismiss religion as harmless fantasy, viewing religious beliefs as benign self delusion.

I, for one, view religion as thoroughly evil.

Not for what religion is, but for what religion causes us to become.

Religion perverts our sense of justice.

Religion perverts society’s search for justice.

Religion posits that there is a just god who will sort out the transgressions of…

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