The Best Political Strategy for Animal Activists is Also the Best Strategy for Progressive Democrats

Armory of the Revolution

There has not been a significant piece of pro-animal legislation since the Animal Protection Act was adopted 50 years ago.


Because the industries that exploit, enslave, and murder animals own Congress.

Members of Congress and Senators have been bribed with campaign donations and gifts. They represent Big Ag and Big Pharma, not the voters who elected them.

We fully expect the Republicans to place profits above animals. The are proud, unapologetic capitalists.

That the Democrats, supposedly a party of compassion and social justice, are selling out the animals for their 30 pieces of silver makes them the animals’ greater enemy.

The goal of progressives is to defeat corporate Democrats.

As animal activists, our task is to defeat any Democrat who accepts bribes from the slaughter and vivisection industries.

Such a strategy dovetails perfectly with the goals of the Bernie Sanders’ progressive wing of the Democratic party in primaries that…

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