On Humans Evolving from Here

Armory of the Revolution

Armory contributor Paul Pinfield postulates on the purpose of human intellect and it’s evolutionary implications


“But humans are carnivores/omnivores!” 

by Paul Pinfield

I consider it of little consequence “what” we are.. omnivore , carnivore or lapsed ovo-dactarivore! For every bit of evidence i can come up with to “prove” to my mind that we are This, you will be able to come up with a “proof” to satisfy yours, that we are That. 

What’s much more interesting to my mind is what’s possible. 

     Good or bad, progressive or regressive, in some ways our specie is very different to even our closest relative. Our capacity to store and retrieve information and our sophisticated technologies clearly set us apart from the rest. But to what end? Of course there isn’t necessarily a Purpose, but somehow Is and Isn’t became sequenced into a third thing, which in turn…

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